Success Stories

“Akhilesh it’s been a life transforming experience to be coached by you. Thank you for making me realize my potentials, supporting me in implementation of my plans, and mainly for making me focus. When I look back I cannot believe how many opportunities I was missing out on just because I wasn’t thinking. It’s amazing when I look back and see how much I’ve grown in such a short span and all this wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

Dr. Shweta Attarwala, Mumbai, India

I contacted Akhilesh feeling stuck in a very dark place. I was highly stressed and my health was very poor. As I know now I nearly died due to a severe Anaemia, being myself incapable to change anything with my state.
Akhilesh connected me at first with my biggest dream, driving a motorbike and being fit to do so.
In two month? At that point a ridiculous thought.
But now things out of my control started to happen and the most positive change was that I could let them happen. My health, after the Anaemia was treated, improved dramatically and although I still have a way to go with other health issues, having and riding my bike very soon seems very achievable.
I was dealing alone with everything, but suddenly I have a net of supportive people around me.
All, as I believe, because I learned to accept, let go and that I deserve this support.
I am looking forward to my future and can’t thank Akhilesh enough to have given a push in a new direction to a stubborn ‘old’ me and will happily recommend him to other people.

Marlene Kuhnel, Wales, UK

Before I came in contact with Shilpa I was looking into why my relationship with a particular family member was not as good as what I would of liked it to be.
This played heavily on my mind as I didn’t want to lose anything with my loved ones.

My thoughts actually prevented me from having the kind of relationship I wanted.
Through working with Shilpa she assisted me in identifying that this was due to an event that occurred many years ago, and has had a significant impact in many areas of my life.

Through Shilpa’s effective techniques and guidance I was able to change the meaning to this significant event which completely changed my thoughts and actions. I am now free of guilt in terms of moving forward and the relationships around me have improved immensely.

Mark Sandercock, Adelaide, Australia

When I commenced my sessions with Want Solution I was feeling stuck in my business. I could literally feel my momentum slowing down as I stepped one foot in front of the other. I wanted to get back into the clarity I once had and be able to see so much productive stuff that I could do to build my business. Shilpa was able to help me do these things by offering her outstanding suggestions and advice and by supplying the tools I need to get to where I want to go. I am so thankful and happy now because my business is booming and I am enjoying it so much.

Marlica Travis, Sydney, Australia

I approached Shilpa for coaching initially as I was going through a period of consuming anxiety whilst awaiting the outcome of my residency visa. As the sessions progressed we then worked on finding the balance between working, studying and high levels of energy without the potential of burn out on the way for me. The latter period of our sessions were focused on relationships in my life past, present and future and about exploring some belief systems I have from past experiences and how to change my behavior / thought patterns and embrace vulnerability.

I choose Shilpa to address these issues with me, as I wanted change and wanted to play at 100% throughout.

Shilpa worked with me to solved and navigate my issues towards an outcome by remaining empathic, calm, listening and providing insights with me from her learning.

I felt listened too, and respected during the sessions and felt Shipla was 100% there for me. There was never a moment I felt Shilpa was not present with me during the sessions.

What I particularly liked about Shilpa’s approach was I felt listened and therefore felt I could make positive changes in the areas I discussed. I felt validated by Shilpa continually and felt my views and experiences were validated.

As a whole I enjoyed the experience with Shilpa, and got some great strategies to move forward and to implement into my daily life. Thankyou.

I would recommend Shilpa as a coach to anyone, I found her professional, calming, personable and committed to an outcome during the sessions.

Gary Vaughan, Melbourne, Australia

Shilpa is an amazing coach! Already at our first session she helped me creating great awareness of what’s important for me right now. I touched emotions that were deep inside of me. After a powerful 30 minutes session the negative ones were completely released and I got overwhelmed with happiness and lightness. I will definitely recommend Shilpa’s coaching to others. Thank you Shilpa!

Debbie Schreurs, Brisbane, Australia

It has been seven years since I left a relationship that I have come to realize is my impulsion to stepping into a greater expression of my life. It has been a journey and process to move from doubt, worry and fear, to awakening, to live and play in the space of limitless possibility. When I came to Shilpa, I was at the next level of manifesting and receiving the vision I am calling in for myself and my family. She guided me with the perfect questions and loving expertise to go deeper into the hidden places where my thought and body energy was holding on to old patterns. In our session, Shilpa brilliantly facilitated, as I brought clarity and power to my goals and next steps. I left with a lightness and energy to channel my actions as I call in the resources for my vision. Shilpa is a gifted coach. She provides exactly what is called for in the moment that creates a powerful and lasting solution.

Sharon Nelson, Vegas, US

Emma Dunwoody

Shilpa is a great coach. In just one conversation she was able to shine a light on an issue I had been grappling with enabling me to solve it and move forward. She asked really good questions which gave me pause for thought and which allowed me to see different perspectives and possibilities. She has great wisdom, sharing metaphors and stories which helped me draw parallels and conclusions that really assisted me. I look forward to our next coaching conversation.

Dominique Powrie, Sydney, Australia

Oh my goodness! I just had the best coaching session with the amazing Shilpa Agarwal!!! Shilpa delivered so much great value to me in just one free session, that I am excited and can’t wait to work with her again really soon. What was the most pleasantly surprising thing is so other coaches ‘talk the talk’, but Shilpa really ‘walks the walk’. She is heart based and that oozes in her sessions effortlessly. She is authentic & genuine and I am so excited to be working with her. I am literally bubbling with excitement at the moment at all the possibilities…Yeee! thank you so much xox

Davina Davidson, Brisbane, Australia