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Nail Your Compelling Book Idea

been dabbling in multiple book ideas, and need a proven system to help nail THE one?

Have you:

got heaps and heaps of journaling notes, but a cohesive book idea is still nowhere in sight?

wanted to say YES to a book, many times in the past, but the uncertainty of the 'HOW' just stops you in your tracks?

been telling yourself the ‘next year’ story on repeat, just because you can't make a decision which book to write first?

Then this challenge is for you!

Join us for this FREE 3-day challenge which has been designed keeping in mind your exact challenges and needs in order to get crystal clear on

your compelling book idea!

been thinking "I don't have enough material" or telling yourself, "who would be interested, anyway"?

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From the creator of 'I Can Write A Book' 10-day Challenge...

...with over 5000 UDEMY students in over 120 countries!

Here's what you will learn


It may seem like you have many messages within you. But that's a trap. It's time you unleashed your inner knowingness to FOCUS on your BEST and ELIMINATE the REST!


Haphazardly managed ideas only create confusion and chaos. Here you will learn a proven method to identify your book idea with absolute confidence and clarity.


Endless thinking, daydreaming and the pursuit of perfection is what keeps most people stuck.

In this challenge, you will learn how to strike a balance between ideation and action.


Stop trying to do it all by yourself and learn to tap into the miracles of others.

It takes a village to write a book, as much as it takes one to raise a child. #Leverage

Mark your calendar, coz we begin in

28-29-30 October (Mon - Wed)


Hi, I'm Shilpa,

your book and marketing coach, & facilitator for this challenge.

And best selling author! #OfCourse! ;)

Over the last 5 years, I've spent thousands of hours coaching business owners who I was able to reach because of my book leveraging my message.

But coming from a history of compulsive people-pleasing and self-doubt, it wasn't always like that. To even think that I had anything meaningful to offer to the world was a ridiculous idea, let alone writing a book and running a 6-figure business around it.

Until, at 4 months pregnant, enough was enough and I knew wishing, wanting, waiting and fence-sitting won't help me realise my dreams and my destiny. I knew I had to trust in myself and take the first step. And all the answers followed, the moment I said YES to writing my book.

Since then, I've been on a mission helping coaches to get off the never-ending 'worth-proving' ladder and get on the Authority Elevator instead, by owning their worth and making a bold declaration of their most intentional message in the form of a book.

What challengers from the past have to say...

This is simply amazing! This is an incredibly beautiful experience that left me speechless. This is pure genius. I am enjoying every moment, every word, every lesson. It is a journey of self-discovery. Thank you!

~ Carlos Ricart

Student of the 'I Can Write A Book' 10-day challenge

Such a great course for anyone interested in becoming an author. I have so many ideas, and even some content for a number of books up my sleeve now. Very excited to bring these to fruition with Shilpa's help. Definitely a course worth doing!

~ Jackie

Student of the 'I Can Write A Book' 10-day challenge

Hi Shilpa..I just wanted to share with you how much writing my book has helped me in more ways than I could have imagined.Being able to put myself forward as an authentic expert in my field with confidence is in large part because of the integrity that is associated with the title of author.When applying for speaking engagements or offering workshops doors are opening much more easily.In addition I am more confident in myself because during the writing I came to believe in myself and I also have tangible proof that I actually have something worthwhile to offer. Thankyou for your support and guidance <3

~ Meredith Griesbach

Author of 'Creative Rebel'

Great match for me! I like the idea of imagining who I was and what I was experiencing two to five years ago so that I can help others know and understand the attitudes and actions that have motivated me to become the person that I am today. :)

~ Whitney Henson

Student of the 'I Can Write A Book' 10-day challenge

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