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To create an Expert Status in your niche / field of business

To be able to get High Paying Clients around the Globe

To package your uniqueness into a book which will be accessible all over the world for ages to come.

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Package your Scattered Ideas into a Signature System that is proven to deliver results!

This challenge IS FOR YOU if...

You are a coach, consultant, practitioner or a healer, who has an inspirational message to share with the world.

You want to package your uniqueness into a book, which will not only aid your coaching / consulting practice but will also will be accessible all over the world for ages to come.

You want to write a non-fiction book, which will be a powerful blend of your head-stuff (technical expertise) and heart-stuff (stories and wisdom from your life experiences)

You want to write a book, but don't know where to start.

You want to package your scattered ideas into a Signature System that is proven to deliver results, time and time again.

This Book-Writing Challenge will give you...

The exact tools to get your book out there so as to elevate your Authority and give you an instant expert status in your field of business.

Expert Status

Connect with like-minded coaches and consultants, all on their Author journey, from around the world.

Global Author Connections

You will have the absolute clarity and confidence to get started with writing your book and take the project through to completion.

Build Confidence

You will have the exact plan of action to convert your unique thoughts into a physical book that inspires people and earns you trust and money in the marketplace.

Your Own Physical Products

Book Writing Challenge Contents...

Will give you a complete book-writing formula, with the exact steps to write your first book, which we teach our premium clients in our 90-day Author program.

Premium 10-Step Formula

You get a daily high value training video and actionable worksheets and to follow along, with and lots of feedback and accountability.

High Value Training Videos & Worksheets

You get a high-res, digital version of our undated and evergreen, ‘Success Journal’ which will last you a whole year and is elaborate and result oriented

Understanding your readers is the key to selling success and helps to you to generate massive attraction, engagements , and follow ups.

Understand Your Readers

Success Journal

You get to join in to live accountability and brainstorming sessions on each of the 10 days, with your book-writing coach, Shilpa, herself, so that you solve your all queries and gain clarity as you go, day-by-day.

You are not alone! Many people likes you will be there. Helping together we can go far and grow together.

Work with Team

Live Online Sessions

You also have an opportunity to access some extraordinary resources with Shilpa personally and with her the entire team to create life on your terms.


Sharon Pearson,

CEO & founder of The Coaching Institute

What our students have to say...

4,272 Students


Madhuvizhii Jeyakumaran

I understood the basics of writing a book through fun exciting strategies and models. The instructor kept things precise and to the point which was helpful in quickly moving through the course and learn as I progressed.

Worksheets are great quality and offer great support to the content in the video. Shilpa is a clear speaker however the volume needs to be louder. I love the step-by-step process. Great value!

Anne Shaw

Cecily Darice Rose

If you are looking for relevant, in-depth material that cuts to the core of the non-fiction book writing purpose and process quickly, then this course is for you.

I am loving how simple it is and easy to follow.It has helped me stay motivated and I am looking forward to doing the sheets.

Dee Szadkowski

Leanne Costantino

The structure to follow is clear and I feel like I am being walked through with belief that I am already successful in my outcome the language is very very encouraging.

Wow, this course is already making my heart sing. Shilpa is warm, compassionate and full of positive wisdom, truly inspiring. Thank you for creating this heart warming course which is making my thoughts of a writing a book an exciting journey rather than a difficult, daunting task.

Sophie Reilly

Who is Shilpa Agarwal?

Shilpa Agarwal, is the creator of the 10-Day 'I Can Write A Book' Challenge, and is herself the Amazon best-selling author of ‘Want Solution? There’s Always One!’

She is also a Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker with a Corporate Training experience of over 10 years. She has been conferred upon by many prestigious awards, ‘Woman of the Year’ and ‘Clinical Research Associate (CRA) of the Year’, to name a few.

Shilpa through her work of helping coaches and consultants become published authors, aims to spread a deeper awareness on the benefits and the extremely simple yet overlooked step-by-step actions required to become an authority in the market - a true authority that commands attention and inspires people to grow into their greatness!

Speaker for Johnson & Johnson, International Coach Guild,

World Coaching Congress,

World Storytelling Congress &

Seven Sisters Festival

Shilpa Agarwal

Book and Marketing Expert

Shilpa has been invited to speak at....

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10 Day Challenge Steps...

Welcome and Introduction

The Aspiring Author's Manifesto

The 3 Wives (What-Why-Who)


Chunk It Down

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Idea Catcher &

The Naming Ceremony

Story Time

Day 5

Your Defining Moments

Day 6

Your 6 Stories That Sell

Wordy Momentum &

The Prompt Helper

Whoo The Help

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Bring It Home

Day 10

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