Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach

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Here’s what I recommend to all my clients about keeping a journal:

“When you start/commit to writing a book, first of all, get a brand new journal and call it ‘my book of books’.”

Because you’ll realise as you progress on this challenge, that it’s not just one book that’s hidden inside you. And you don’t want to have ideas looping in your mind because that’s a classic exhaustion and sabotage strategy.

So with a journal on the ready, you’ll have someplace to ‘park’ these ideas which are only to be acted upon later, so they don’t need to occupy your mental space.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can even start maintaining an electronic journal. I use the Evernote app on my computer for pretty much everything note-taking. It syncs with the app on my phone so I can access and edit those notes even when I’m on the go, away from my laptop. And I highly recommend it.

Even before you are on the other side of completing your first book, I promise you that you’re going to be thinking, “Oh My God, what’s next?” There’s so much more inside me, I need to write an in-depth book on ‘that other topic’ too.”

And though you could capture your ideas in various different places, it only adds to the overwhelm. So make yourself a no-fail idea-catcher system! via Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach