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Learn how Steph went from scattered ideas to complete manuscript and wrote her book in just 4 weeks without writing a word!!

In the video, I interview Stephanie Altus – one of our incredible clients, who wrote her book without writing a word and made her dream come true!!!


When you watch the interview, you’ll discover Steph’s journey in its entirety; the joys, the struggles and what she had to overcome to achieve such amazing results.

Write a book without writing a word

You'll discover the following milestones in Steph's book-writing journey

- The therapeutic effect of voicing her story out in a safe environment

- The entire interview process was like a complete coaching session in itself

- The power to choose and keep the parts of your story which really matter

- Letting go what's not relevant anymore

- The book got written in just 5-6 interviews

- A measure of how far she has traveled since starting the book

- Overcoming her 2 top fears:

a) of exposing herself and

b) of being judged NOW for what happened in the PAST

- Being able to separate the events from the stories she was telling herself

- Do this exercise even if you have no intention to write a book

- Her preparations for her next book 'Couch to Camino'

 - How fear had paralysed her in the past and she had backed out on her own story

 - & of course finally, creating fast results

My question is… will you be next? Watch the video to learn how you can also breakthrough and start immediately with your book and be a best seller author within 90 days.


Other success stories

What our other authors say

You had the whole plan layout, that made it so easier. I am happy with the product, but I am more happy with the journey I went through. The process itself is my biggest reward.

Harish Gulati

Author of 'Think Before you Think'

Thanks Shilpa...I am grateful that I listened to my voice and took the inner journey to connect to my core, choose what I want unbiased and create a compelling future.

I am very grateful that I met both of you and you became the medium to blossom this book with.

Kshama Upadhyay

Author of 'I Am SHe'

I found the questions and the workbook really very very valuable. That gave me lots of insight and clarity into the book I am writing.

Fiona Jeanne

Author of 'Journey to Me'

Hamesh Yadav

Author of 'The Ultimate Communication Secret'

I am really grateful to be a part of this group. We all have same purpose to write a book, share our knowledge and wisdom and help others.

Shilpa is a book-writing and marketing coach who works with coaches and consultants to help them accelerate their business through

* publishing their own book and establishing a consistent message,

* using the book as their ultimate authority establishing agent,

* positioning the book in the front of the right target audience,

* using this tangible product of a book as their accelerated marketing agent, and

* effortlessly on boarding their most ideal clients through confident sales conversations.

If you’d like to embark on a journey of clarifying your core message and accelerating your marketing through writing your book, to create more money and more freedom, watch the video and get in touch with Shilpa.

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