Pay heed. This is important. 🔊🔊🔊

Google launched the first social networking platform, Orkut, but lost to Facebook.
Kodak had 95% of the market share but lost it all to the rise of digital technologies.
Nokia owned the mobile industry until they ignored the smartphone trend.

The key thing to notice here is that these market giants lost it all because of CHANGE – or rather the lack of admitting that change HAS come about…. like the GRIM REAPER while they were still negotiating a last minute deal with DEATH in their boardrooms, wondering how they will explain all this to their shareholders.

So why does this matter to you.. especially if you’re a coach, consultant or practitioner who honestly wants to just ‘make it’ out there?

Look around.. in the world of online business.. just in the last 5 years, the market has seen the crash and burns of hundreds and thousands of coaches who didn’t make it past their first year. Or worse, didn’t even get their first paying client.. all while coaching schools continue to churn them out like a sausage factory.

There’s only one reason why this happened to them… and is now happening in your business too. especially if you’re not growing as quickly as you’d like to and that is.

‘Misinformation and Over-confidence’

Orkut had an amateurish interface coupled with a lack of understanding of its customers’ REAL needs for privacy and security.

Kodak developed a myopic vision and was completely blinded by its success..thinking that it was still the 19th century.

Nokia – ditto! They kept focusing on design while they competitors edged them out with software.

They all relied on tons of ‘market research’ that the consultants skewed in the favour of what they wanted to believe.

Change is inevitable. But misinformation and over-confidence can be avoided.

And yet, most coaches are playing the game based on some pre-conceived ideas.

They’re rolling the dice and it eventually lands with the misinformation or over-confidence face up..

Here are some of the things I see and hear in the coaching marketplace every single day, that tells me these coaches are surrounded by massive misinformation and over-confidence, which makes it even harder for them to run their business and make it successful:

👉Every man and his dog are a coach or a consultant today.
👉Competition is worse than ever… and there is a bloodbath in the coaching alley over few scraps of leftover clients.
👉Coaches think “I began with helping myself and a friend out of her issue.. And I was great at it. So that’s a niche”
👉They crowd-source ideas about things as crucial as their pricing and packages
👉They think they’ll ‘fake it till they make it’
👉They think they’ll figure it out themselves without being coached or much worse.. sounding EXACTLY like their buddy from coaching school… Vanilla.. maybe with some sprinkles.

Does any of this sound familiar?
All these behaviours will directly result in… remember, Orkut, Kodak, Nokia…?

So, if you’re a coach, consultant or practitioner.. listen up. 👂👂

You need to stand out.. clearly. ..powerfully and uniquely. Period.
Here’s how…

Stories have been shared and books have been written for dinosaur years…
Amazon’s book sales grew by 46% to $3bn in the first half of 2017, making books a “stable contributor” to the company’s overall success! 📚📚💹💹

A Stable Contributor! 📚📚😎😎

But what most coaches don’t pay attention to are these facts:
👎 They haven’t refined their own thinking and ideas to be able to stand out with their book
👎 The way we do business is changing. It is constantly evolving.
👎 And marketing is no longer about shouting the loudest.
👎 Its about being really clear on why you’re in business and who you’re doing it for.
👎 Its about knowing exactly what problem you solve.
👎 Its about educating your audience and creating massive value..
And hence their business suffers.

What’s missing are good quality authors who really want to do the work and be clear about their message.

So, if your business is not generating a stable cash flow already, the missing link is your stable contributor.
Even in the information overload age, books are still the solution…
📚😎 People are still resorting to reading books over any other medium of information
📚😎 The world is constantly looking for people who have a compelling story to tell
📚😎 Books are still your number one business card to get you access to speaking gigs and international stages
📚😎 Books are still getting coaches, their foot into the door of major corporate giants, and
📚😎 Books are known for creating ripples so far and wide, they even spread to the author themselves
📚😎 Experts and thought-leaders share their BEST value in their books

If you’ve come this far, I commend your curiosity and the courage to make a change (or not).

And here are 3 possible pathways to decide the course of your future:
1. Change the way you do business. OR
2. Accept that change is going to happen but you’re not willing to change (Remember Kodak?) OR
3. Remove yourself from the ever-evolving business world and switch back to the 9-5 certainty.

If you want to create a moat of financial safety and stay above the bloodbath on the streets, then here’s your chance to create your ’stable contributor’ blueprint with me.. 👉📚😎


Don’t say I didn’t warn you-�

Shilpa Agarwal

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