Mitle interviews Shilpa

Are you a coach/consultant/practitioner + an aspiring author and a spirited soul?
Shilpa was interviewed by the incredible Mitle Southey on her Spirited Sisters Podcast – which is a collection of chats with women who are living in alignment with the deeper purpose of their lives and who have heaps to share from their journey, their failures, their successes and their choices.
Check it out here:
In this interview, Shilpa shares about:
1) Living her childhood dream.. and how you can live yours too
2) Her huge investment in education and why its so important for a head start in life
3) How her business became her 8th marriage vow (apart from the 7 usual Hindu marriage vows)
4) The importance of making friends with systems, if you’re after real success
5) How your book is hidden in your past
6) To write a book, you don’t need more clarity, just more reflection
7) How she sabotaged her own 2nd book – just because someone randomly mocked her.. and how you can avoid falling in this trap.. And lots more..
Grab your headphones, a notebook and a big mug of tea if you’re that way inclined and listen in.

There is also the most ridiculous bonus – she’s literally giving you a free book blueprinting session with her (valued at $497!!) – just because you’re a valued listener to the podcast! ❤️ #WS #YourStoryMatters

via Want Solution – There’s Always One