Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach

#MidweekMindset #AuthorKarma⁣

⁣Every single day, in my life, ⁣

I celebrate time abundance, action abundance, thought abundance and expression abundance.⁣

I have a multitude of thoughts that I can choose to think.⁣

Followed by a multitude of feelings I can feel and expressions I can share.⁣

I even have the choice of a variety of actions that I can take to better my life and business.⁣

And I always have just the right amount of time to do the things that really, really matter.⁣

Why then would I waste my precious energy on things that are not in my control? ⁣

• what people think of me,⁣

• whether or not they like me, ⁣

• whether or not my endeavours will succeed,⁣

• and the list goes on…⁣

#KarmaSays We only have the right on our actions, not on the fruits of our actions. Do you agree? via facebook page Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach