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+ 5 BUDDIES ☝️✌️👌🖖🖐

Are you an aspiring author, looking for a mentor to hold your hand and guide you along the journey to become a published author?

You know you have a lifetime of worthiness to be reclaimed.

Are you finally willing to own your worth and share your gifts with the world, in the form of your story and your inspiration?

How would it be if you could write your book, alongside 5 other committed author buddies, with the help of your personal book-coach, (a.k.a. Enoughness Ambassador, Shilpa Agarwal)?

Self-worth will be owned.
Space will be held.
Stories will be told.
Books will be written.
And published. And launched.

And all along the journey, #Enoughness will be worn.

Here’s the thing..
Knowing is over-rated. Sharing is not.

So, the only question is, are you willing to break the norm?

Stop Knowing. Start Sharing.

And if you’re willing to be a part of this #AuthorMind, book in a 60-minute chat with me now.

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