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What is Authority?
It’s the confidence resulting from one’s personal expertise.
It’s a person with extensive experiential knowledge about a subject and the power to positively influence others for a purpose.

Sounds bookish? Actually ‘googlish’? Because it is.
And sounds like big stuff? It sure is!
Must require a lot of work, then…? True that, too!
At least 3 post-grad degrees then, for me to become an ‘Authority’?

That’s the thing…
You’ve been doing this for all your life.
Everything that you’ve been, done and had, up until now, is the exact ‘3-post-grad-degrees’ you needed.
You have been doing the work.
You have been paying the price.
But when will you ever be willing to redeem those vouchers?

You are the AUTHORITY.
Only if you choose to see it, though.
And believe in yourself.

4 years ago, I did exactly that.
I had this secret desire of ‘one day’ writing a book.
And I was determined to write it
– when I will be perfectly healthy
– when I have the perfect body weight
– when I have all the content clear in my head
– when I have achieved massive success in my business

And guess what?
When I finally did write the book, I was far from perfect…

I was 4 months pregnant, and I was feeling this unusual urge building up inside of me.
Yes, I’m aware, there was a baby in there, you guys!
But there was something more.

Definitely not ticking a single criterion above.
Because these criteria were set by logic.

But here’s the list I did tick… Every single one of them…
– I had suffered from epilepsy and knew what it meant to eat 10 pills daily. For 1/3rd of my life.
– My already heavy frame had bloated some more due to the steroids in my medicines
– As if being a teenager wasn’t enough, people were now ‘lovingly’ giving me weigh loss and acne advice.
– So, I would burst all my face pimples just to see if people still loved me despite my ugly face #Rebellion #Sabotage
– I fell in love and felt like I tasted freedom after a long time of being a slave to the world’s rules. (Actually #MomRules 😉
– I joined the corporate race and I thought I will solve all of my and my family’s problems with lots of money
– At my workplace, I was told to stop being so happy-go-lucky and get a bit more serious #IdentityCrisis
– Then I got married
– I moved homes
– I transitioned from a nuclear fam to a typical Indian joint-family. And I lived there all my married years in India. As much as I love them all, at the time, it was #StakeholderExpectation and #CommunicationSkills put to the test
– I forgot to live for myself or feel like I’m worthy of anything
– I stopped staying in touch with girlfriends, so I don’t falter on my home duties
– Hypervigilance had become my first name and I started living life in my head more than anywhere else.
– And as if all that wasn’t enough, I had recently moved country.
– In the quest of finding more of me, started coaching education
– Gave up my well-paying job and started a business
– And now I was about to give birth to a brand new beginning…

Sure, I could be the AUTHORity on something meaningful…
A better life? Chasing your dreams? Worthiness?

I had done the work and paid the price.
And in one moment of an inspired decision, all the unworthiness shifted..
To pride and self-love.

God had put me in-charge of making a whole new human.
Sure I could make a decent book alongside!

I’m grateful, that in that moment, I stopped living for the future and honoured my life’s journey so far.
That was the beginning of my first book.

What are your criteria for perfection?
What are the rules stopping you from writing that book?

It’s not what you’re going to learn NEXT.
It’s what you’ve already lived.

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In the pic: Reading my own book <3 via Shilpa Agarwal - Book & Marketing Coach