Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach

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✅ Are you done having your book mainly in your head?
✅ Is it time you finally owned your worth, your journey and your niche – and made a bold declaration of it?
✅ Is it time to stop information gathering and taking meaningful actions instead that will
propel your coaching business in the forward direction and
your cash flow in the positive?
✅ What would it mean for you to create your own signature system as your coaching methodology and pack that in a book?

Everyone’s talking about their unique coaching methodology, but you have no idea how to create one of your own that’s meaningful and that really delivers the works.

You either have a story and don’t have a system to go with it.

Or you have a system and not a story to back it.

It takes these 2 key elements of a successful book.

In 40-something days, we will see the turn of a DECADE.

If nothing changes now, nothing changes then.

I am offering a FREE 60-minute session to help you clarify your message, leverage your story, and see how you can reap the miracles when you share your story and your system into your book!

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