Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach

You have a story to tell.
And sharing this story is your only path to liberation…

Yet you’re stuck in the rut of old stories that keep you stuck, fearful and small.

Writing a book has been on your mind for ages.
But you’ve always put that desire last.
For it’s uncomfortable to face it and do something about it right now.

Have you ever wondered what would become of you and your life if only you did heed to that tiny voice in your heart?
It might have been a louder voice a while ago…
But every time you shush it for ‘later’, it’s losing its power… It will never go away though… just leave behind a niggling pain of a true desire unfulfilled…

Have you ever wondered what might become of your story and your message, if only you eliminate the overwhelm and choose to follow a step-by-step system?

It’s all possible and I invite you to explore with me in this 60-minute Book Map!
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