Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach

#UnleashTheAuthorWithin #GentleRevolution

Believe in your story. Believe in your truth.
You have to work with what you got.
And your truth is your most compelling content.
Stop thinking that marketing would be easier if you had elements of ‘their’ story in your life.

You are enough.
You are imperfect.
And acknowledging that makes you perfect enough.

For the longest time, I kept on thinking that my book coaching program wasn’t fast enough.
Then one day I realized… if everyone wanted to write their books yesterday, all the books would have been written by now, wouldn’t they?
But humans of the world are still hurting deep inside for not being able to express themselves in a safe space…
and the world is far from all books written.

And what they needed was not to run a race or to prove anything to anyone,
But a pure, compassionate, non-judgmental space and a matching pace to write their story.

And this seemingly obvious shift from trying to do it ‘fast’ to ‘only fast enough’ was hiding in plain sight for the last 5 years.

Do I regret it? Not one bit.
Besides, it’s never too late, you know?

The best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago.
The next best time is Today! <3 I've got 5 authors booked in, and 5 more spaces calling! If you've heard the call, message me for details! <3 via Shilpa Agarwal - Book & Marketing Coach