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#EaseOverhardship #UnleashTheAuthorWithin

Take a deep breath now, and release the surface story that’s holding you back.
What shows up for you in there?
What’s the deeper story that needs to be told?

Let me begin by telling you mine….

Deep within my heart, I have always known that life – at least mine – was meant to be easy.

But then, when things sailed along smoothly, which was pretty much all the time for the first ~30ish years, I felt as though I wasn’t worthy of those wins because I wasn’t actively in control of things…

So, to meet my ego’s need for significance, I started interfering with nature’s process by micro-managing every possible detail instead of enjoying life’s abundance of surprises.

Hustle, slavery, and martyrdom are behaviours we unconsciously learn to not only mimic but to be extremely proud of. I learned these too, and very well so.

I have made this promise to myself many times in the past… to stop embodying hardship’ in order to honour those gone before me…
And to start enjoying the ease that life has in store for me…

And exactly as they say, that the lesson appears only when the student is ready…

I’ve started to experience ease in my life on a daily basis…
And the more I observe without interfering, (absolutely taking aligned actions though) the more life keeps getting easier!

And by sharing this story, I want you to feel the ease that is around you…
in the air that touches your skin…
in your every breath…
in your every thought…
in the fact that you can smile…
in the fact that you can be grateful…
and in the fact that you can give yourself permission – right now – to be enough, feel enough and have enough…
And more than anything, you can give yourself permission to write your book, share your truth and inspire others.
You can have success, feel fulfilled AND have ease…

So tell me, what’s the first thought that comes to your mind…
What would your story be about?

And if your journey from rough idea to finished manuscript could be easy, would you let it be?
Would you walk that path?

If it’s time to bring forth your book, then I have a beautiful gift to share with you.

In exactly 1 week’s time, on Monday the 27th of July, I am taking 6 authors on a 20-week journey with me.
It will be a journey of deep discovery, peeling layers after layers, witnessing truths, and then presenting them to the world in a way that adds meaning and hope.
I call it ‘Unleash the Author Within’.

I started preparing a sales page for this program, but a mini freak-out ensued…
So instead of fighting my ease and trying to prove that I too can do sales pages, I decided to give it a pass for this round.

Here are all the details you will ever need, and yet, if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer!


Happy immersion in absolute trust, joy and ease:

MODULE 1: Powerful Pre-sups: In this warm-up module, we’re setting intentions like never before, leaving behind any shackles that held you back from being fully you.

MODULE 2: Your Message Matters: Whether you believe it yet or not, you matter and your message matters. And in this module, we will go to the depths and bring it out on paper. This is the heart stuff!

MODULE 3: A Memorable Model: In this module, we will map out your Wisdom PillarsTM, so that you can convey your big vision aka your message in a way that the world gets it. This is the head stuff.

MODULE 4: Mission Momentum: This is where all your theories become real and your daily and weekly actions move you forward on your mission. Rituals, habits, creativity, strategy and the like!

MODULE 5: Marketing Miracles: Miracles happen when you have fun with marketing. A thousand book sales, high-end coaching clients or leveraged collabs are just an aligned intention away. Call it the money stuff or the soul stuff.

MODULE 6: Stick to the Scope: This is where we integrate modules 1 to 5 and lock your individual content plan in a 60min 1:1 Book Mapping Sessions

MODULES 7 to 18: A-Chapter-A-Week: A chapter a week, makes a winning author streak. For the next 12 weeks, you will write a chapter a week, with bite-sized daily prompts, with team accountability so you never slip into your old sabotage patterns.
BONUS INCLUDED: 12 weekly enhancements to up-level your book!
Note: These enhancements are optional to include in your book, but highly recommended, as each of them is an element of influence and add massive value to your book!

MODULE 19: Editing like a PRO: In this module, we will look at some top secrets that even your most professional copy-editor uses before passing the manuscript on to a super-professional editor. Why not you have basic editing insights for your manuscript before handing it over?

MODULE 20: Lock it & Rock It: This is where we re-group and take stock of how far we’ve come. We will reset intentions and share with you the way forward for the next phase of your manuscript i.e. publishing.

-> 5 weeks of foundation work (Valued at $1495)
-> 1 x 60 minute 1:1 Book Mapping session with Shilpa (Valued at $995)
-> 12 weeks of an actual writing plan (Valued at $3495)
-> Editing secrets and manuscript lock (Valued at $295)
-> Publishing pathways masterclass (Valued at $295)
-> Access to Shilpa + Accountability for 20 weeks (Valued at $4995)

And I haven’t even counted the bonuses yet…!!!
– Bonus 1 (until Friday 17 July) Recorded workshop: Guest podcasting to promote your book (Valued at $495) (GONE)
– Bonus 2 (Until Sunday 19 July) = My plug and play, book launch landing page template (Valued at $495)
– Bonus 3 for all = Your book launch plan workshop (Valued at $495)
– Bonus 4 for all = 12 weekly enhancements to up-level your book (Valued at $1195)
– Bonus 5 for all = Journaling prompts to unblock your creativity (Valued at $495)


But slash that price and you pay only a fraction of it – 1/5th to be precise!

Pay in full = AUD 2995

Part payments AUD 1100 * 3 months

If I know you even slightly well, you’ve been having this desire yet denying yourself the permission, for the longest of time.

And if you’re done with forms of hustle and hardships, then the 1st step towards ease is to follow a system that works, and with a mentor who you resonate with.
If that’s me, you can get started in a few minutes…

Here are the links to kick off your journey…

Pay in full = AUD 2995

Part payments AUD 1100 * 3 months

I await your arrival on the other side! <3 Shilpa-Easy-BookCoach 😉 via facebook page Shilpa Agarwal - Book & Marketing Coach