Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach

Last week, I was asked a very potent question…

“What is my PERSONAL WHY and my BIGGER WHY behind starting this book-coaching business?”

When I started my business, I felt ‘not good enough,’ a LOT…
I always felt like a misfit in most groups I hung out in.

But optimism was my middle name.
And somewhere deep within me, there was always the hope that there is a unique place for me in this world and someday I will find it.

I wanted to feel free to be all that I was.

I wanted to give myself permission to be good enough despite all my flaws.

I wanted to give myself permission
– to be too much,
– to be unconventional,
– to expand my comfort zone,
– to value me, as I was,
– to feel worthy enough to deserve all my desires,
and most of all,
– to try my hand at publishing a book even with a less than poetic expression and a vocabulary as limited as mine.

And it is all thanks to that never-say-die, daring and optimistic spirit, that I was able to not only write my first book but also actually publish and share it with the world.

Soon after I realised, no one was ever going to hand me the permission slip or the address to “my unique place”.

I had the permission and the mission in my heart all along and it was me who had to give it to myself.

And that led to my BIGGER WHY…

I realised after I had done it that I wanted to help other women just like my previous self, to taste this freedom of expression.

I wanted to help women who have a secret fire burning inside them but they’ve been keeping it small for the fear of their light being put out if they shone too bright.

I wanted to remind them to think beyond grammar and vocabulary – for they were never their real fears – those were just the fears they had learnt to pretend they had, lest the world sees them as too much and abandons them.

I wanted to help women just like me to own their stories and share them with the world with joy and pride.

I want to ask you, ladies…

What is your PERSONAL WHY?
And what is your BIGGER WHY?

P.S. This ‘too bright’ pic is just apt, isn’t it?! 😀 via facebook page Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach