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#Enoughness #OneIsFun

Last week, a lady at a networking event asked me “How long have you been in business for?”

Don’t know about you, but it’s a question I have dreaded the most, for the first couple of years in my business..
Even more than, “So, what do you do?”

You know that stage where you mention a toddler’s age in months, not years… 😐

I cringed upon hearing my own answer, and would be reminded in that moment, to hate 2 things…
One – hate time for crawling so slow… and
Two – my audacity to even be standing there, networking, and hoping to find paying clients..
Not only that, I even wanted to write a book about what I think.. As if that even mattered..
I shamed myself for expecting results and greatness “too soon”

It was as if a child was desperately seeking an answer to “But mummy, why wasn’t I born 10 years old?”

I was in denial of how nature works.. and thus also denying myself the respect for my life’s journey..

Every time someone asked me any version of “how many years” and it was almost as if a trigger alarm would go off…
And my inner critic would receive the permission to go on a rampage, wreck my self-esteem and leave it battered…
Voices reminding me of what I lack, how much I lack, how new I am and how undeserving I am, would start ringing in my ears..

Not even 2 years?
What will you even write about?
What do you have to show?
What have you done?
Have you done anything?

Until I stopped networking at all.. for a couple of years.

And then, there came a point where this extrovert soul couldn’t stay home, hiding behind her computer anymore.

So when I was asked the question last week again, promptly came the answer, “5 years!”
It took me no time to notice I was much prouder today than I’ve ever been, answering this question..
But instantly, came back all the memories, and the awareness to see my folly in the past.
I felt sad.. For my younger self. And for all those ‘toddlers’ in business, who are harming their self-esteem, the same way I did.

I was proud today, because I was now a big girl in the world of business. I was 5.
But it shouldn’t take anyone, any number of years, to be proud of what they’re doing.

As long as they’re doing it with love and a purpose.
Even if the purpose in the beginning is to make money.

Ironically, the lady who asked me the question was 6 months into her thing!

We ended our chat on a unanimous rant and the same is my wish for you:

Whether you’re 6 months into your business or 60,
You are enough.
Your age is enough.
Your days in business are enough.
Your business idea is enough.
You having a go is enough.
Even if this idea fails, you’re enough.
If you’re having a second go or a third one, you’re enough.
Even if you’ve just lost your job and looking for an opportunity, you’re enough.
However short or long your journey has been, you’re enough.
If you haven’t had any paying clients yet, you’re enough.

Mind you, #Enoughness doesn’t mean you become complacent.
That’s the only thing that we don’t do in here.

You’re an old soul with rich life experiences.
And that’s what makes your story valuable.

So, on that note, let’s break the stigma.
I invite you to share in comments:

What do you do and how long have you been doing this?

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