Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach

Hi there, I’m a regular here. What about you?

I hang out on Facebook, because I love the platform.

In no particular order of importance, it has helped me
>>> find people like me,
>>> make deep friendships that last,
>>> and make a ton of money in my business, which was beyond my imagination pre-Facebook!

But more than anything, it has helped me find meaning and purpose.

It has triggered me for reasons galore,
But all it was doing was being my mirror.
What was bothering me within,
that I didn’t like the world outside?

It has given me immeasurable joy.
And held many a memory safe.

It has been my companion when I was lonely.
Even if it meant I was mindlessly scrolling,
Constantly comparing myself to others,
Sometimes proud of how better I was,
And a lot of times, jealous of how lacking I was.

It has provided me a platform to share my happiness when I couldn’t contain it alone
And also secretly helped me combat my darkest days of depression.

Facebook set me on a quest to #BeMoreMe!

I no longer come here looking for significance.
If I get it, I receive it with grace and gratitude, my heart and arms wide open.
But if I don’t, my inner core feels untouched.
Because, #BeMoreMe.

And how can anything as mindless as the likes, loves, lols, wows or hates be me?
That’s as far from the truth as can be.
And the same is true for you.

But the clarity and confidence wasn’t always this way.

I’ve spent many nights feeling anxious..
About how will I be received..
And will I be liked at all?
Doubting if clients will ever work with me..
Always considering the what-ifs..

In the beginning, I felt obliged to show up.
I tried too hard to demonstrate my value.
And share my stories. And make them authentic.
And in the process, I did quite the opposite.

I felt needed to be seen –
for all my goodness, while covering up the mess.
Or hiding the goodness, and being a snotty mess.
Until the facade became too heavy to hold up..
My entire being pained..
And I dropped it.

To be seen again… In all my #Enoughness!

Thank God for the journey and the lessons!
I’ve come a long way.
And so have you.

So, friends, especially those of you in business, this is all a fun chemical equation!

And Facebook is that catalyst,
which sets off a powerful chain reaction,
that has the potential to realise all your dreams!

Just add
(Your Authentic Message)
+ (A generous amount of showing up)
+ (Add a little bit of faith)
= And watch as Facebook does its magic! via Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach