Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach

#Message #NicheDown #ScaleUp


“How?” you ask?

* In business, instead of trying to be known for everything (even if it’s in one particular area, take NLP or photography for example), get super clear on your deeper message and be seen everywhere for that ONE THING!
* I know a lady who did study NLP and hypnosis but focussed on helping people with eating disorders.
* I know photographers that have done much better when they niched into newborn, or wedding or even doing just entrepreneurial/professional headshots!

* When you narrow down your focus, you’re automatically going to save time not doing the 100 other random activities and doing only what matters instead.
* This also helps people trust you more when it comes to your expertise, thus making sales almost effortless.
* Which will also aid you in your attempts to achieve consistency. When you have less to do, you can do it better! And as they say, persistent getters, consistent keepers.
* And with only a few things to focus on, you’ll have the more mental bandwidth to be present to yourself, your family and the life experiences and people that matter the most to you! via facebook page Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach