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If you’re a coach, consultant, speaker or a spiritual practitioner, doing unconventional change work in this world, then this is for you:
🤔 What do you say when someone asks you, “What do you do?”
🤔 Do you find yourself fumbling for words, trying too hard to explain why, what and how you do it?
🤔 And people still don’t get you… And give you the lame “Ah! interesting!”??

Here’s the thing:
👉You have chosen an unconventional path of change work to walk upon, because you know there’s a lot of awareness to be spread in your field of work.
👉But what good is your mission if you’re not able to reach the right people who care for your mission?
👉It’s not just important that you keep spreading your message, its important you spread it effectively, so the people who really badly need you are able to spot you.

🤩What would it mean if you could bypass all your messaging obstacles in your business and get on with working with committed clients, who get you and are grateful for your message and your work?

🤩What would it mean if through your book, you could cut your client’s buying cycle short and finally attract only the most committed clients who are willing to invest time and money in working with you?

🚀🚀🚀This Saturday, we’re launching one of my client’s book ‘Creative Rebel’. Check out her cover!!
The story and the thinking models contained within are equally gripping!!

🤩She’s not just any Art Therapist, she’s the creative, rebellious kind. She breaks norms. She defies rules that don’t support her growth. She creates her own path.
And can you tell, she has also overcome a lot of pain and trauma?

If you’d like to explore how we brought about these effective messaging strategies for Meri through her book, then get on a complimentary chat with me…

You get 60 minutes of my time and 100% of my attention to your book idea and business growth strategy.

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#EOFY is here. #2020 is only 6 months away.
If not now, when? If not you, who? via Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach