Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach

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When someone asks you, “In your business, what problem do you solve?” make sure you are able to elicit from them or articulate their problem accurately (even better than they could articulate it themselves) before presenting the solution or even worse, ONLY presenting the solution.

In some FB groups, I’ve seen such threads go crazy with self-promotional posts…

And I’m amazed at how many people answer the question in the form of
‘here’s the elegant (but totally irrelevant, coz I didn’t even care to understand your exact needs) outcome I help you achieve’

As a result, their comment is not compelling enough as the problem is nowhere in sight…
And people always measure things relatively.

The solution alone feels quite meh!
………….. as compared to ……………..
The solution with reference to the problem! (Hotcakes!!)

When people can see the pain caused by the problem in contrast to the pleasure of your solution, the worth, value and importance of your work is better understood.

So, remember…..
* Your outcome will only seem as compelling as the problem you solve.
* The more clearly you can articulate the problem of your ideal client, the more chances of them connecting with you because it tells them that they can trust you and that you get them. via Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach