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Today I’m sporting a braid on the insistence of my daughter!
And wearing a T shirt that has silver words on it.

Apparently, that makes me queen Elsa! 👸🏼

While I thought I’m doing this for her, on second thoughts, maybe I’m the (dis)illusioned one and she’s the one doing this for me? And using me for me?

Anyway, I took a few moments to reflect on how I did Elsa…. as cheesy as it sounds… I’m going all in! 🏊‍♀️

👻 I’ve been the girl who used to always have fun in everything she did.

😢 Until I made some mistakes, then started believing that I was the mistake itself. I allowed my mistakes to define me.

🚪 I hid my uniqueness behind closed doors thinking I was only meant to blend in, fit in, and please those around me.

🤥 I feared I would be found out. I feared I won’t be loved. I feared I would have nowhere to go.

💯 I gave away my power to perfection and the ‘Double-Or-None-Syndrome’.

📈 I felt not good enough for anything let alone meet the benchmarks of running a successful business. Despite having enough evidence of clients and cashflow. I just wanted to deny, defy and sabotage the truth that was working for me.

🙅🏼‍♀️ I retreated from my tribe, my people – those who loved my true crazy self – and spent a lot of time obsessing over my mistakes and how not good enough I was.

👻 But with the help of my true loves Akhilesh Agarwal and Arya, I’m finally able to love myself for being me.

👨‍👩‍👧 They don’t have any specific strategy, but I think that’s their strategy – to just BE. And when I was able to be fully present and experience their unconditional love for me, I rid myself of a ton of my insecurities.

✅ It feels like finally, after playing this game of life for 35 years, I’m able to give myself all the permissions that I waited for others to give me.

👧🏻 And it took a 3 yo little soul sister to teach me this – one who has no formal education in human behaviour but is still deeply connected to her source for inspo on how to live! via Shilpa Agarwal – Book & Marketing Coach