Want Solution – There’s Always One

Have you been putting off your book-writing dream for a never-in-sight future?
Listen to this interview between Alenka and I on the Dream Life Creators Podcast.

We’re talking all the fun things:
➡️ I’m a runaway from India… Lol! I can’t believe I said that, but it sounds fun! 😄
➡️ Managing a life and business partnership with my husband
➡️ How we help coaches not only write their book but monetise to become a 6-figure AUTHORity
➡️ How Extended DISC gave us beautiful insights and set us up for success
➡️ My embarrassment with my own book
➡️ Wanting to fill the huge gap in the market
➡️ How to make your marketing evergreen?
➡️ How to add just the right sprinkles of your story in your book?
➡️ How do we make each book unique and special
➡️ The power of signature systems and personal models
➡️ Why do some books appeal to some while repelling some others?
➡️ How do you bring out the authors’ X-Factor?
➡️ What are the 2 key aspects for a successful book launch?
➡️ Why I say ‘Your book is your vehicle. You need to know how to drive it?’

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