Want Solution – There’s Always One

I would love to help everyone but I’ve learned the hard way that I cannot.🤐

I talk with coaches all the time who say they want to write a book, in order to establish their credibility and grow their business. That’s no problem.

But there’s a huge gap between where they think their business is and where it ACTUALLY is.
And hence, clearly, there is also a greater gap between how much they think they’re committed to growing their business, versus how much they actually are.

They think they’re committed to bringing their book out within the next 90 days, but when the clock starts ticking, they’re gone with the wind! And not even the wind Gods can bring them back…

They live in the comforting illusion of one or more of the following kinds:
🤦‍♀️“I’ll start writing after I come back from my vacation”
🤦‍♀️“I’ll do it when the kids are a bit older”
🤦‍♀️“I’ll do it when I’m finished moving house”
🤦‍♀️“I’ll do it after I have a few more clients”
🤦‍♀️“I’ll do it when I have a clear idea of what I want to write in my book”
🤦‍♀️“I’ll do it after I’ve nailed my avatar”
🤦‍♀️“I’ll do it after I have grown my list a bit”
And the list is endless…

And for anyone who is living in such an illusion – I CANNOT help them. 🙅‍♀️

And hence, I started using a 6-step qualifying process so we could make it fair for all and I could make them happy.

This is NOT for you unless…. you’re willing to walk the extra mile, are serious about sharing your story for the benefit of others, and unfortunately I don’t take those who are looking for a shortcut to success – that would take a miracle!!

Now, if you are indeed the kind of person who walks the extra mile, cares deeply to share your story that will help other people in similar situations like yours, and you are NOT always on the lookout for a shortcut over the scenic route, then we can make surprisingly fast progress in very little time.

In fact, if you are willing to
a) Write your book with an absolute commitment to helping others through your story,
b) Establish your thought leadership and credibility in the minds of your customers,
c) Follow the step-by-step system laid out by us, that has helped many others get the exact book-writing success they want, and
d) Take consistent action steps, no matter how small, towards reaching your end goal in business success,
then I’m able to assure you a 6-FIGURE BUSINESS founded in YOUR ‘AUTHOR’ity.

Without further ado, here’s your chance to create your own book-business-blueprint with me…


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